deep vs heard

Depp vs. Heard

Sex, drugs and rock & roll… you to the floor. This a civil suit regarding defamation. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for damaging his

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Organized Crime Law

Organized Crime Law

I’m Not in the Mafia, why did I get this charge?? “Organized Criminal Activity” Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, otherwise known as the Organized Crime

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Credit Card Fraud

 Wait, what?! I thought I could only get sued in civil court for credit card fraud!! Credit/Debit card abuse is a serious crime in Texas

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If the officer has a warrant or probable cause they can search your vehicle or person.  NEVER give written or verbal consent for a search.

Drug possession can be a misdemeanor or felony…depending on amount and type.

The differences are the penalties you face.  Call Saenz & Billhymer Law to discuss.

Hope is still in place; a good defense attorney will get you the best possible outcome to your situation.

Bail is money posted to ensure your appearance in court.  You can you a bail bonding company or post cash yourself.

Bail bonding companies are in every county in Texas.  Other than that, you can post cash and act as your own surety.

A bail hearing is when a bond is set or perhaps challenged by a defendant.

A detention hearing is a hearing where the judge decides if you should have a bond set or should you be held without a bond.

Search warrants are signed by a judge after an officer shows probable cause under the law.  They are used to get evidence for the State’s case.